I Was Here For A Reason

Approximately six months ago I entered My Sister’s House, nervous, unsure and most of all filled with disbelief. There were so many unanswered questions going through my mind. Is this where all of my hard work has gotten me? How was life going to be like here? How can I get myself out of this situation? I have always been a woman of faith and determination and, above all, I knew I was here for a reason.

I grew up in a good, hardworking family. I had good parents who had high expectations. My sisters and I did well in school and understood the value of a good education. I got married young, had two beautiful children and still completed college. My life was going well until my husband was tragically killed. All of a sudden I was a single parent. Even though I was grieving, I felt I needed to be strong for my children. For years I provided for myself and my children, and was proud to watch them grow from babies to responsible adults.

Now, it was my time. Time to enjoy life. The agency where I worked was going through a “transition” but I was assured my job was safe. However, the day came when I was told my job would be ending within a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, I didn’t panic. I thought I would soon find another job and I had some money saved, so I would be fine.

After months of being unemployed, and paying rent and a car payment, I quickly exhausted my savings. How did I get here? When I asked for helped, I was turned away. I knew I had gotten myself into this and I would find a way out. Again, I knew I was in this situation for a reason.

After being turned away from the Salvation Army a couple of times I was referred to My Sister’s House. Once here, my life changed. I was offered guidance and proper training skills through multiple resources. Within a month, I became employed and I love my job. I have also received proper counseling that has given me the opportunity to grieve and move pass the issues and circumstances of my husband’s death.

I owe so much to Ms. Pam who has made such a positive and empowering contribution to me; always keeping me focused. I will also always be grateful for one of my counselors, Ms. Jillian who never gave up on me and helped me to realize things about myself that I didn’t even know existed.

Happily, in a few days I will be transitioning from My Sister’s House to my own apartment. I am so excited! Hard work, determination and a good support system makes a world of difference. Even though my move will be bittersweet, I realize it is my time to move forward. My Sister’s House will always be a part of me and I know I was here for a reason.