We help you help yourself.

Our clinically-supported program provides comprehensive services including life skills classes, individual therapy, group counseling and financial literacy workshops that focus on six key areas of a woman’s development: 
1.    mental health
2.    physical health
3.    financial health
4.    spiritual health
5.    legal health
6.    empowerment

Residents are required to meet monthly with a case manager to develop permanent housing plans and with financial coaches to develop a financial plan. Residents also participate in counseling sessions (individual and group), and work with counselors to create an individual development plan that identifies and addresses the issues that are barriers to their independent living. 

My Sister’s House fosters respect for each resident as an individual, and services are delivered with a spirit of love and compassion. Each resident maintains her dignity and human rights regardless of her state in life, religious affiliation, color, national origin, economic status, ancestry or personal customs.